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Join our 3 month Lash Boot Camp this summer!
More recently we started a special program for students to get the full experience in the lashing world. We are offering a three-month program for a newly licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians that need a headstart in the lash industry.

Our ongoing three-month Lash Course will involve many trending styles in the Lash industry. Students will be required to attend classes weekly and work in the studio three days a week students are responsible for their own clients and models. Students will also be able to take home their earnings. Our three months cost value is determined by the kit the student chooses.

Classic Certified
Month 1, will focus on everything classic & intro to volume with new styles like the wet look. Business education, taxes, social media, photography.

Volume Certified
Month 2, will focus on hybrid, volume, mega volume, and color lashes. Social media, retention, and much more.

Styling Certified
Month 3, will focus on the advanced wet look, wispy Kim-K, anime, and much more. We will also wrap up month three with lash finals and a social graduation.

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